Shichiken’s sake is brewed using the local water and sake rice which are of exceptional quality. Reflecting the water’s texture and purity, our sake is refreshingly smooth and silky, feeling soft on the tongue as it effortlessly slips down.


Striving to transform the culture of sake brewing and transcend its traditions and long history, Shichiken has created an original series of exquisite sparkling sake after many years of quest and detailed development.


Ojiro River

Water transitions

from snow, rain, rivers, oceans,and forests

making flowers bloom,making our bodies,making our lives,making sake.


At the northern tip of Yamanashi, Hakushu
is embraced by Mt. Fuji and the spine of the Southern Alps.

The sky travels down
the crisp, clear river, a floating mirror
where kingfishers flit like bolts of blue light.
Water that once fell as snow on the Southern Alps
melts and seeps underground
to be polished by the white granite of the Ojiro River.
One drop at a time —
over endless time —
it forms the waters of Hakushu.

Since our founder set down roots
300 years ago here in Daigahara,
Shichiken has, and always will
resonate with the nature of Hakushu
to brew sake from life-giving water.

Shichiken Map

Ojiro River

winter of Hakushu



Upon touching your palate,
our sake will unfurl memories
echoing the sceneries that have nurtured Shichiken
to be reflected on the surface of your heart.

In a rice paddy graced by
cherry blossom and bright yellow nanohana,
sleepy frogs and insects laze in the warm breeze.
An emerald rice field ripples
with sudden rain as twilight
falls softly on children chasing fireflies.
When asters sway in the chill air that
descends from the mountains,
the golden stalks droop under full weight.

Above the sake’s sweet and fertile scent,
the pole star of Mt. Kaikoma
casts eternal light
through the icy, dark night

faithfully remembering the essence
of what remains unchanged.



rice field

Snowflakes fall and flower on our sake
tended quietly by the brewers.
Like the unceasing waters of Hakushu,
time flows to endlessly redefine itself.
Shichiken lives amidst such current
reflecting what makes you smile
at the dinner table tonight
filling the waves that will come ashore
for hundreds of years beyond.

We continue brewing
to make a flower bloom within your soul.

autumn of Hakushu

starry sky

rice field



HAKUSHIN Junmai Daiginjo

2023.11.7. debut

Junmai Daiginjo

Hakushu's Junmai Daiginjo, Nature’s Pristine Melody

HAKUSHIN Junmai Daiginjo

2023.12.1. debut

Alain Ducasse Sustainable Spirit

Whispers of Nature, Artistry Unveiled:
Sustainable Spirit from Hakushu


"Innovative spirit to brew the finest sake"

Vision that drives Shichiken

"Embodying the waters of Hakushu"

The philosophy behind Shichiken’s sake brewing