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Alain Ducasse Sustainable Spirit

Imbued with the essence of Hakushu,
Sustainable Spirit is inspired by Nature and crafted with Franco-Japanese artistry

Alain Ducasse Sustainable Spirit

Crafting a Culinary Culture for the 21st Century:
Shichiken & Alain Ducasse

The intertwining philosophies of Japan and France,
where tradition meets innovation,
weave a tale of a distilled spirit,
redolent of the aromatic essence of sake lees,
and inspired by the abundance of Hakushu.

As we journey towards a sustainable future in harmony with nature,we proudly present to the world Sustainable Spirit,
a testament to sake brewing’s innovative future.

Volume: 720ml
Alcohol: 37%
Drinking methods: On the rocks, with soda, in cocktails, etc.

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A Modern Sustainable Story

Since its founding in 1750, Shichiken has embraced the natural bounty of Hakushu.

Throughout his career, culinary maestro Alain Ducasse has centered nature in his craft.

By distilling the alcohol with the splendid aroma contained in the sake lees, which is produced during the sake brewing process,
and barrel-aged at Suntory Whisky Hakushu Distillery, where pristine waters flow, Sustainable Spirit is unique in the world.

The sake lees is a by-product generated during the process of making sake, which was once highly valued as a seasoning in traditional Japanese cuisine. However, with changing times, its demand has decreased, and large quantities of sake lees have been treated as industrial waste.

Shichiken saw the current situation of discarded sake lees as an opportunity to explore its hidden potential and succeeded in transforming them into shochu (spirits) using a rare method in the industry.

Shichiken emphasizes the refreshing aroma of Ginjo sake, and matures it in the whiskey barrels to create mellowness.
This results in a multi-layered and complex flavor, elevating the overall taste profile.

The nutrient-rich post-distillation sake lees, are used to nourish Yamanashi Prefecture’s renowned Wagyu cattle, whose compost in turn enriches the soil of the rice fields, where plump grains are carefully polished for sake brewing.

The gentle rhythm of this cycle is designed to preserve and safeguard Hakushu’s pristine waters. The sustainable philosophy of tradition and innovation that binds Shichiken and Alain
Ducasse promises a future of coexisting with nature through the art of brewing.


A luxurious moment, an elegant taste. Presented by Alain Ducasse's sommelier, we are pleased to introduce all
10 original cocktail recipes. Enjoy the finest cocktails that blend sophistication and refined taste.


Referring to citrus fruits, “Agrumes” is a perfect harmony of orange and lemon, blending bitterness and sweetness, enhanced by the Pandan leaf.


A modern reinterpretation of the legendary Bloody Mary cocktail with green tomato.


The carob liqueur perfectly enhances this fruity yet not overly sweet cocktail.


A gourmet and original cocktail that pairs perfectly with dessert.


A cocktail inspired by the classic French dessert, reminiscent of childhood for adults.


A perfectly combined mixture of Japanese ingredients like Miso and Sansho pepper, creating a fresh and spicy cocktail, perfect for a pre-dinner drink.


The perfect Negroni served at -25 degrees where Italy meets Tokyo.


A cocktail perfect for summer, allowing you to savor the harmony of Suze's bitterness and Alain Ducasse Sustainable Spirit.


A cocktail that balances the subtle bitterness of Hojicha with lemonade, creating a refreshing sensation.


A cocktail that imagines the scenic view of Kyoto’s gardens by incorporating the flavors of green yuzu and Kyoto sansho. Please enjoy it well chilled with ice.

“Earlier this year, I visited the foothills of Mount Kaikomagatake, a place known for its exceptionally pure water. During my trip to Yamanashi, I had the opportunity to taste this spirit as it came out of the barrel for the first time.

This collaboration is, above all, a story of people, respect, and craftsmanship. These are the three pillars of this spirit for me.”

Chef Alain Ducasse

Chef Alain Ducasse

“We have once again decided to collaborate with Mr. Alain Ducasse, who shares our philosophy on the concept of SDGs and concern for the global environment.
We are dedicated to initiatives that focus on the growth of sustainable food culture, with a specialization in Japanese sake.

At Shichiken, we cherish tradition while never forgetting the word ‘innovation’. We want to share the pure waters of Hakushu with everyone. To achieve this, we are committed to adopting brewing methods that maximize its quality and ensuring that we deliver Shichiken to our customers.”

President Tsushima Kitahara

President Tsushima Kitahara