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New frontier sake
for the perfect toast

Ryogo Kitahara & Alain Ducasse

"A bouquet of white cherries in the juicy burst of the bubbles bringing sweet and bitter waves from maturation in barrels leading to a calm and pleasant finish."

Master brewer


Ryogo Kitahara

"This sparkling sake goes perfectly with the
menus that I like to imagine. I recommend it for its
mineral balance and its refreshing power which can
brighten up a table, from aperitif to dessert."


Alain Ducasse

Alain Ducasse

In very close collaboration with Alain Ducasse and Gerard Margeon, Shichiken has crafted this exceptional sparkling sake. Alain Ducasse Sparkling Sake was inspired by Alain Ducasse’s terroir, which is the Mediterranean Sea.

Ryogo Kitahara, following the inspiration and recommendation received from Gerard Margeon, Chef Sommelier for Ducasse Paris, matured the sake in cherry barrels and perfected through second fermentation in the bottle. A bouquet of white cherries emanates from the juicy burst of the bubbles, bringing sweet and bitter waves from maturation in barrels, and leading to a calm and pleasant finish.

The water of Yamanashi and the inspired Mediterranean Sea were the foundation of the Sparkling Sake Alain Ducasse, created by Gerard Margeon and Maison Shichiken.

As the first generation of brewers to explore this new type of sake, Shichiken is proud to present Alain Ducasse Sparkling Sake with a wide variety of flavors and textures. With the philosophy of “brewing sake in harmony with the pristine waters of Hakushu,” Shichiken pursues the perfect balance of elegance and intricacy, the perfect balance of refreshingly pure water and umami-rich rice. By brewing Alain Ducasse Sparkling Sake, Shichiken aims to serve as a catalyst in transforming the culture of sake.

As sake gains international recognition along with Japanese cuisine, which was recently designated as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, innovative chefs are integrating Japanese ingredients into French and Italian cuisines to explore the new field of culinary art.

Ducasse Paris is especially avant-garde, interweaving classic and modern elements in its ever-evolving cuisine, while helping to build a sustainable society though social and environmental initiatives.

The soul and deep inspiration of Alain Ducasse come from the Mediterranean Sea. Gerard Margeon’s desire was associate this spirit and the spirit of Yamanashi. Feeling a strong connection to these values, together they have created Alain Ducasse Sparkling Sake to compose a beautiful symphony.

Alain Ducasse Sparkling Sake

Alain Ducasse Sparkling Sake

Volume: 720 ml
Alcohol: 12%
Serving temperature: Chilled

Alain Ducasse (on the left)

Born in the Landes, Alain Ducasse is at the helm of approximately thirty restaurants, from authentic bistros to three-Michelin-star restaurants, disseminated throughout eleven countries. He founded Les Collectionneurs, a network of almost five hundred independent restaurants and hotels in Europe. Passionate by knowledge transmission, he created an editing company specialized in cooking art (Ducasse Edition) as well as cooking and pastry schools (Ducasse Education) which are today developed with a partner, Sommet Education. He is now expanding the Manufacture de chocolat (Paris, London, Tokyo) and the Manufacture de café (Paris, London). He is the advocate of an environmentally-aware cuisine and of a peasants’ agriculture which takes care of eaters’ health and respects the planet. He therefore established the Collège culinaire de France (France Culinary College) where cooks and producers meet and exchange. In the same vein, he created a gastronomic interpretation of this eco-friendly cuisine, the Naturalité, and an accessible version, to be delivered or picked-up, the Naturaliste.

Gérard Margeon, Executive Chef Sommelier (on the right)

Born in Beaune in 1961 (a great year for wines!), he first started his apprenticeship in Burgundy. He then joined the Miramar in Biarritz and, later on, exercised his talent at Méridien Montparnasse in Paris. His encounter with Alain Ducasse, in 1993, drove him to Le Louis XV in Monaco where he became chef sommelier. He was then appointed first chef sommelier at Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée’s restaurant. In 2000, he became in charge of the entire sommellerie of Alain Ducasse’s restaurants. Juggling with more than 5,000 references, he creates all the wine-lists of these restaurants. He wrote “Les cent mots du vin” (2009).

Maison Ducasse Paris

“In the beginning, there was taste...” At the heart of Ducasse Paris lies a passion for cuisine, a desire to unveil authentic original tastes, to exalt their flavors and to make our clients happy. Since its creation, our house has persevered in exploring the dimensions of taste through its restaurants, hotels and manufacturing, but also via training programs, consulting and book publishing for all those passionate about cooking. Today, we have diverse and complementary professions. All led by the same vision, the same conviction: the importance of eating well daily, of setting the bar high, of respecting nature and the people who participate every day in the development of Ducasse Paris throughout the world.

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